Bio Photo

Hi! My name is Franek and I’m software engineer living in Kraków, Poland.

My adventure with programming and computers in general started back in early ‘90 when I got my first computer: glorious Atari ST. I still have a lot of sentiment for this machine, which even can be seen in my avatar used here: it is image from my favourite Atari ST demo.

In general 16bit demoscene had a lot of influence on my choice of career and probably is in part responsible for my pet subject: low level tricks and optimizations.

Profesionally I specialize mostly in writing C++ software for high performance network processing appliances, but I have also quite lot of experience in embedded applications. I like clean code, clear intentions, pragmatic approach to programming and working in fun development teams.


I started it as learning opportunity for training myself in writing communication and formulating complex, abstract ideas, that programing is all about. Nothing validates more thought process and ideas than formalizing them into words. Topics will mostly cover C++ and modern server systems performance. But it can go in any direction following my “flaovur of the month” technology.


So what is with the name?

It turns out that naming things is really difficult indeed. To cut things short I have selected title of one of my favourite books by polish science-fiction writer Jacek Dukaj.

Unfortunatelly Extensa is not yet translated into english.